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Explore St. Lucia

We love St. Lucia and are sure that you will too! This island known as the ‘Helen of the West Indies’ has so much more than sun, sand and sea to offer you. Our island landscape, its people, customs and cuisine intertwine to provide a perfect setting for a vacation of a lifetime. World class dining, great music, sporting and cultural events throughout the year – it’s never a dull moment in St. Lucia. Come on over! Let her inspire you!


Saint Lucia’s history is as rich as it is vibrant. The island is a virtual gumbo of cultures, and her people have a deeply held sense of cultural identity that they vigorously celebrate to this day. Embark on a voyage to discover Saint Lucia’s story, from her pirate past to her colonial times to the colourful customs of her people.


Saint Lucia is anything but an ordinary island. Her mountains, jungles, beaches, and historic sites radiate history, beauty and a sense of living poetry. Of course, it’s not possible to see every corner of the island during your visit, and even many locals live here their entire lives without discovering all her secrets. However, there are a few iconic Saint Lucia landmarks that are not to be missed during a visit to her shores.


Saint Lucia is an unparalleled destination for Caribbean romance. The tranquil waters, breath-taking Pitons, and clear blue skies perfectly set the stage to profess your love, say your vows, or celebrate years of marriage. Come to Saint Lucia to experience the perfect romantic getaway with that special someone.


With local favourites such as pepper pots, langouste and bouyon, Saint Lucia is a renowned Caribbean destination for culturally adventurous food enthusiasts. The island’s culinary traditions are characterized by dishes harvested from the sea and farm-to-table locally grown produce. Get ready for a foodie experience that is not to be missed.


You can enliven your vacation by watching or participating in a few fun sporting activities in St. Lucia. With year-round temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius/ 86 degrees Fahrenheit St. Lucia is the perfect destination for any sports enthusiast. Cricket is very popular on the island and followed by many locals who often organize friendly matches between one another. Most St. Lucians are sports enthusiasts and participate in a variety of activities such as kite surfing, football, athletics, horseracing (our newest sporting event), and of course cricket, which is the first love of all St. Lucians! Cricket is the national sport of the island and many locals and visitors attend world-class matches at the Daren Sammy Cricket Stadium, which was previously named the Beausejour Cricket Ground. St. Lucia’s own Daren Sammy is the second West Indies Captain with multiple ICC world championships.to name a few. There’s always an opportunity to enjoy a great game of cricket – whether it’s an international match, a local first-division match or a friendly game on the beach or village playing field.

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