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Ready! Set! Green List! It’s official Barbados is on the UK foreign travel green list, and we are very excited about this good news. We can’t wait to welcome you this summer!

The much-anticipated announcement came today, June 24th, 2021, and highlighted the new destination additions to the UK foreign travel green list from 4:00BST on 30 June. Read the full article here.

The destinations added to the UK foreign travel green list include:

Now it’s time for you to pack your swimwear, book that ticket to Barbados and celebrate with our latest summer promotion which is extended to July 2nd, 2021! An extra day of relaxation awaits!

Check out recent our blog post with some FAQs when planning your trip to Barbados!


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Barbados Volcanic Ash Tips

Barbados is currently experiencing a thick plume of volcanic ash resulting from eruptions from the La Soufriere Volcano in the neighboring island of St. Vincent. The ashfall is evident across the island of Barbados and particularly heavy on the West Coast and northern sections of the island and expected to continue for as long as the volcano continues to erupt. Our Property Management team shares some tips to help you protect your property from continued ash fall in Barbados.

Our Property Management team manages over 240+ Barbados rental properties. We have hands-on experience as you can imagine with the high volume of ash in Barbados over the weekend. The following are precautions that you can take if you are currently on the island.

Tips to Prevent your Property from Volcanic Ash

. Keep doors and windows closed to minimize the amount of ash entering your property.

. Persons who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma and eye allergies should be particularly careful to have their medication on hand at all times.

. Limit the use of air-conditioners and clothes dryers to reduce the likelihood of the ash impacting the functionality of systems.

. Persons who need to drive are advised to do so with caution due to reduced visibility at this time and are advised to use lights and the car wiper system if visibility becomes difficult. Also, refrain from using the vehicle’s ventilation system.

. Consider covering or bringing furniture indoors to protect from the ash.

. Protect yourself by using a mask or cloth face covering to provide relief from the ash.

. Ensure that pets are sheltered and have adequate food and water and that their food and water containers are thoroughly washed periodically.

. For those with private pools, if the current ash fall is light, similar to construction dust and the pool filtration system is designed to filer such. You are however advised to shut off the pumps if the ash fall gets significantly worse. Outdoor activity should therefore be minimized, as exposure to ash can be harmful to your health, particularly the respiratory tract. Persons are therefore advised to stay indoors where possible. PS: See our Preventative Maintenance for Pools Tips


Barbados Travel Protocols

About Us – Property Management

Our Property Management practices are governed by The Blue Standards. The aim is to have benchmarks to ensure consistency in the quality of products and services offered to owners and by extension, their guests. We love what we do we are up to the challenge for anything that comes our way. If you have more questions or need clarification on our Property Management service, please contact us. Our team would be pleased to discuss your requirements, so you feel confident in choosing us as your Property Management partner.


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Photo Credit: Primo Bar & Bistro

Amidst the tumultuous year that was 2020, PRIMO BAR & BISTRO reopened on July 1st, 2020 under new ownership with a fresh vibe and a dedicated team. Set in an iconic location on the ocean’s edge in the calm bay of St. Lawrence Gap, this location has been featured in more magazines and tourist travel logs than anyone can count. The combination of serene sea views, delicious and affordable menu, and friendly staff make this new restaurant ideal for casual dining or tapas & cocktails.

Well-known local entrepreneurs and partners in the business, Mark Maloney and Zary Evelyn, have invested heavily in the restaurant and welcomed back Head Chef Jason Gittens as well as a number of the previous staff to ensure a friendly, welcoming environment.


Photo Credit: Primo Bar & Bistro

The picturesque location offers a little something for everyone, from the lounge overlooking the boardwalk and all the action in The Gap, to the ground and top floor oceanfront dining balconies and an air-conditioned dining room. The eclectic menu has a subtle West Indian influence and includes an extensive variety of fresh seafood, meat and pasta dishes that accentuate freshness and flavor and there are a wide range of vegan and gluten-free options as well. Primo’s boardwalk lounge features the most delectable thin-crust pizzas, perfect while enjoying a cocktail by the sea. The menu has been priced to encourage locals and visitors alike to enjoy this stunning location at affordable prices with starters from Bds$18, mains from Bds$40 and pizzas from Bds$35 to $49 each, and there is also a kids menu. Parking is located across the street and the $5 parking charge is redeemable in the restaurant.

If you pair a stay at a Blue Sky Luxury villa, choose Sapphire Beach, Ocean One 502 or Terraces 101 with a visit to Primo Bar and Restaurant, you’ll be walking distance away from the restaurant and all the offerings of The Gap. If you’re on the island our Concierge Can team can arrange dinner reservations. If you’re planning on visiting…maybe for Summer 2021, make sure Primo is on your Barbados Restaurant Bucket list. Enjoy!


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Rover, wayfarer, iterant, hodophile, solivagant. Whatever term you use, these are all names for people who love to travel. Yes, we learned some of them today. No, we are not ashamed. Travel terms aside, with the buzz on vaccines bringing a return to near normal, we can only wonder “will international travel return by Summer 2021?” If you self-identify as one of the 5 above, then you must be as excited as we are.

We’re in this together

Our stance at Blue Sky Luxury has always been the same. We are in this together. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on lives and livelihoods. The green shoots signaling the return of international travel please us immensely because we’ve felt the effects here in Barbados and we’ve seen it internationally. Whatever wins we can get, we’ll take it.

Vaccinations & Return to Normalcy

The UK and USA have had positive updates regarding their vaccination programs. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised that all adults will receive a COVID shot by the end of July. The US current rate by end of fall. At a faster pace, which should be possible based on the promised supply, would allow Americans to enjoy the Fourth of July. President Joe Biden and top public health aide Dr. Anthony Fauci talked about a return to normalcy for Christmas. (USATODAY) Barbados leads the way as the most vaccinated country in the Caribbean and is well on the way toward herd immunity. Read our blog Barbados racing towards herd immunity and the progress of Barbados’ Vaccination Programme

What’s your take?

The successful rollout of the vaccination programmes in these countries means that restrictions can be lifted but most importantly lives can be saved. Barbados is doing quite well and is rolling out a successful vaccination programme. We hope that the international travel will reopen safely so we can spend more time with our loved ones and create new memories together. With the estimated date of the end of the vaccination programme, do you think international travel will reopen for Summer 2021? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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Barbados Racing Towards Herd Immunity

In our Blue Sky Luxury blog titled “Barbados Receives Vaccines” we shared the news of the generous donation of 100,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine from India on February 10th. By February 17th the vaccination programme was well underway with government officials and frontline workers receiving the jab. Our update today March 11, 2021, highlights Barbados is racing towards herd immunity for all Barbados residents.

Progress of Barbados’ Vaccination Programme

Although the daily numbers change, over 50,000 people—over 20 percent of the adult population of Barbados have received the first dose of the vaccine. Notably, this has been done in just a few weeks. Barbados leads the way in the vaccination process in the Caribbean. Currently, Barbadians over 18 are receiving the vaccine through a well-organized rollout by the National COVID-19 vaccination committee. The Barbados Government continues to invest in the future of our country and has taken the position that the vaccine will be distributed for free to all residents of Barbados. As a country, it is in our interest to get to herd immunity as quickly as possible, as our economy is so highly tourism dependent.  While the elderly, those with comorbidities were the first to receive the jab, the villa workers at Blue Sky Luxury were included with the other front line workers on the priority list.  As a tourism dependent economy and country, the reopening of tourism is critical and the only path to that is a fully vaccinated population.  We have had generous support from friends of Barbados through donations and continue to raise funds to support this goal. Follow the Barbados Covid-19 Status dashboard to keep up to date on the countdown to herd immunity and COVID-19 related stats.

Myth-busting and the COVID-19 Vaccine

From 5G chips building Nanos in host bodies, to the vaccines not offering protection, there have been crazy stories on whether the jab is a giant hoax like Milli Vanilli (We still love Girl You Know It’s True by the way.) So far in Barbados, the robots have not taken over and the Prime Minister herself made a compelling statement to the press.

  “I know that there are some people who have been doubtful. I think that more and more people are realising, well look, if 25,000 people have been vaccinated and everybody good, then a lot of what you are hearing on social media and a lot of these stories and things are an exaggerated version.”

 Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley

On the international scene, The Daily Mail shared a report which stated that “A single jab of either Pfizer or Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is giving 90 PER CENT protection in huge boost to Britain’s world-beating rollout.”  John Hopkins Center for Health Security carried the following update as well in their March 2, 2021 newsletter. “New Data Show Vaccines Reduce Severe COVID-19 in Older Adults (Public Health England) Today Public Health England (PHE) has submitted a pre-print of a real-world study that shows that both the Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines are highly effective in reducing COVID-19 infections among older people aged 70 years and over. Since January, protection against symptomatic COVID, 4 weeks after the first dose, ranged between 57 and 61% for one dose of Pfizer and between 60 and 73% for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.”

As Barbados continues to race towards herd immunity, we will keep you updated. We know our Blue Sky Luxury friends are eager to return to our shores. For some taking advantage of the 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp, a programme allowing visitors to work remotely and is renewable, we’ve had nothing but great reviews. Our fingers are crossed for Summer 2021 travel but most importantly for the health and safety of all Barbadians, travelers, and friends. Stay, safe and stay travel inspired.


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The Blue Sky Luxury vacation rental portfolio contains some of the finest communities in Barbados. The locations are all stunning, and range from beachfront, tennis, island views and, golf communities like Royal Westmoreland. What makes Royal Westmoreland distinct, is its fantastic lifestyle bubble, high-end villas, and of course, one of the finest golf courses on the island. Explore this exclusive golf community with us, as we also share an intimate view of the 8 luxury vacation villas inside.

Amenities at Royal Westmoreland
We’ll begin with your lifestyle bubble. Royal Westmoreland is perfectly suited to those who love having everything within easy reach of a well-manicured finger. Restaurants, a tennis court, gym, and golf amenities are all impeccably kept and follow social distancing protocols. There are 3 restaurants offering light bites, the best pizza, and mouthwatering comfort food…in case you lose your golf game to Randy, the eternal boaster. One-on-one professional training at the Har-Tru Clay tennis courts with Cherise will make your backhand envious or, an early morning round after coffee at The Halfway House will put you in the best mood. Stunning sea views, lush greenery, and peaceful lakes are par for the course as you play the best game of your life. The onsite gym helps you to stay active and fill out those golf polos nicely. Tiger Woods never looked so good.

Blue Sky Luxury’s holiday rentals in Royal Westmoreland

Let’s dive in, whether you want to take advantage of the 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp or get inspired for future travel. Choose the Barbados holiday rental at Royal Westmoreland that best suits your needs. Our inside scoop won’t put you wrong.

PS: In case you fall in love, Both Seaduced and Tradewinds are newly built and offered for sale with our sister company Terra Luxury. Honestly, we can’t see how you would not. Randy will envy you! Read on to see how. (wink wink)


1. Seaduced – Seaduced delivers on contemporary luxury. From the finest finishes to the showstopping illuminated water feature, opulent master bathroom with USB charging ports and digital mirror to the elite staffing with a butler provided at Christmas.

What we love: The negative-edge, circa 60ft long swimming pool, overlooking the golf course and sea beyond. It spans the entire length of the deck, with a “beach end” with sun loungers where you can relax to the sound of gently running water.


2. Tradewinds – This luxury villa rental is a statement piece. The villa truly is the destination and boasts fine finishes of coral, travertine, granite, and marble. The rooms are spacious, and the pool deck provides options for formal dinners under the stars.

What we love: When you stay at Tradewinds you’ll have the benefits of the owner’s golf membership, with preferred tee times. The Blue Sky Luxury Concierge team will be able to organise your tee times and tennis times in advance.


3. Sugar Cane Mews 4 – The sleek 4 bedroom townhouse gives a home away from home feeling with neutral but warm décor, al fresco dining with golf and Caribbean Sea views. There’s a cosy nook for remote work and fully air-conditioned bedrooms.

What we love: The private plunge pool is surrounded by tropical foliage affording privacy and intimacy. All you’d need is champagne for a romantic evening in.


4. High Spirits – Combine work and play at High Spirits. The décor is tasteful, the WIFI as strong as a good gin and tonic, and teenagers will love the 3D TV and Xbox system. An office space with a desk is tucked away in case you may need to check-in for work.

What we love: High Spirits is truly the perfect haven for remote work. We love that you can leave it all behind and go straight from the office to the pool or golf in seconds.


5. Bajan Heights – An absolutely elegant 5 bedroom villa with jaw-dropping views. Whether Randy wins at golf or not, you’ll return to sublime bliss with a private pool, wet bar, and a talented cook.

What we love: This villa includes one-hour free boat cruising on “Bajan Girl.” Spend some time waterskiing, tubing, snorkeling, or use it as a water taxi to a great West Coast restaurant.


6. Cherry Red – The staff is delightful and loves to ensure that guests have a seamless vacation. This elegant tri-level holiday home features 4 bedrooms, a private plunge pool and according to Pearl, the best views of the golf course!

What we love: The staff! “Kudos to David, Bianca, Samantha, Emma, Ja’Net and Pearl. This team collectively made our experience a memorable one.” The Luces Family.


7. Coral Blu – If you’re relocating your family to Barbados, take the plunge at Coral Blu. Plunge pool non withstanding, this 3-bedroom tri-level home is perfect for families. There’s a barbecue grill, plenty of space for lounging, and Mulllins beach is a short drive away.

What we love: The spacious covered balcony where families can relax and enjoy the stunning panoramic ocean views and tropical sunsets.


8. Sugar Cane Ridge 1 – Rich mahogany furniture, plush leather pouffes, and deep red curtains give this holiday rental a James Bond elegance. If this makes you want to grab a martini, you’re in good hands as guests simply love the warmth and service at Sugar Cane Ridge 1.

What we love: Trade your pool for the beach. Snorkel or swim with vibrant tropical fish and turtles. Services of the Beach Club include free shuttle service to Mullins Beach and Bell Captain beach services.


History & Awards

For 25 years Royal Westmoreland has been home to high-profile celebrities worldwide. Entrepreneur John Morphet, from the UK, is the brains behind the 750-acre master-planned community. One of the most loved features is the 72, 7,045-yard course designed by American golf course architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. The golf course and the apartments have received world-recognized awards from The International Property Awards sponsored by Virgin Atlantic and Yamaha. Notably:

Royal Westmoreland is a safe and well-established community with the accolades to prove it. It’s the perfect choice for a short or long-term stay. Thanks for letting us walk you through one of the most beautiful communities in Barbados. Until next time…


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Freephone UK: 0800 0885574

Toll Free US/CND: 1 866 404 9600

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The Blue Standard has become the criteria that we use to look after homes in the property management portfolio at Blue Sky Luxury. This encompasses:


We have found that using these methods guarantees that all properties under our care are maintained to the highest standard. Putting the proper preventative maintenance processes, systems and checks in place will ensure that the property is well maintained and always ready and welcoming for any arrival.

  1. Upon appointment for management, your Blue Sky Luxury property manager will assess the service requirements of all systems, appliances and equipment at the property. This includes frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually).
  2. Quotations are requested from select suppliers and site visits to the property will be facilitated by the property manager who will also answer any queries.
  3. Due to the size and scale of the properties being managed by Blue Sky Luxury as a whole, quotations will be sourced for contracted services at the best possible price, quality and reliability.
  4. Maintenance contracts and service level agreements will be determined. Once appointed, the oversight of these suppliers will be the responsibility of Blue Sky Luxury to ensure timely and complete delivery.


Blue Sky Luxury is heavily invested in technology and the property management department has directly benefitted from this,  we use specialized property management software. All preventative maintenance schedules, routine inspections, work orders and service requests are logged to track and record the resolution of maintenance issues from submission, assignment, monitoring and through to completion (with time-stamped digital photos if needed).  The software also has a mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices making it easy for the property managers to submit these work orders. Each individual home under our management (whether rented or strictly for owner use) is added to the software.


Why is preventative maintenance so important?

The investment of having a home in Barbados for owners is significant. Blue Sky Luxury, along with the reputable suppliers, have a responsibility to advise and guide owners on the best systems to put in place to improve and prolong the life of the appliances and equipment at the home.  Having these systems will improve the performance of the equipment as well as the health and safety of the home in general.

Forecasting and budgeting expenses is made easier with proper, consistent, proactive programs in place. Thorough records including a full asset register for all equipment and appliances using photos, purchase dates, supplier and warranties are also kept. A periodic review of these preventative maintenance programs is also needed to ensure price competitiveness and updated practices are introduced.  For these reasons, but not limited to this, the transparency of contractor pricing is so important here; Blue Sky Luxury will ensure that the contractor is paid what they charge you; there is no mark-up applied to the bill by our firm.  This is validated further by ensuring that all owners have access to every one of their invoices including those for maintenance when monthly financial statements are made accessible to them.


What are some examples of equipment and services that should be included in your preventative maintenance plan for your home?

The type of equipment, location (consider the exposure to various environmental elements), the age of the equipment and how often it is used are all taken into account when developing these programs. For example, for a holiday rental home that is occupied 250 nights a year, the recommended air-conditioning servicing may be quarterly for various split system units. However, an owner use home (non-rental) that is occupied 90 days a year may have a servicing schedule of twice per year. Similarly, grease traps should be cleaned at least once per year however depending on occupancy, this can increase to two or three times per year. Other services and equipment to consider developing a preventative maintenance plan for are:


Contact us today for more information on what we can do to partner with you to ensure your property is looked after the way you want it to be.


(246) 622-4466


Download Our Relocations Guide

We’ve launched! Starting today, you can get all of the information needed on relocating to Barbados under the 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp.  The Terra Group of companies (a bit below on us) has launched a comprehensive guide to answer any questions that you may have on relocating to Barbados.

When we learned of the 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp, we instantly came together to see how we could pool our best in class selection of villas, houses, apartments and townhouses, all suited for long term rentals. That royal we in The Terra Group ladies and gents comprises Terra Caribbean, Terra Luxury and of course, yours truly Blue Sky Luxury. Ahem…let’s get back to the good stuff!

Other than giving advice on the best authentic local experiences, the best Barbados vacation villas, offering luxury your way, here’s how we can help you relocate to Barbados. Peep our 12 reasons why (yes, we’re playing on the series and the stamp) Blue Sky Luxury and our sister companies Terra Caribbean and Terra Luxury is the best team to help you through the process of relocation to Barbados.

Key information from our 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp relocations guide:

Barbados Facts

Residency Options

Special Entry & Reside Permit (SERP)

Obtaining your Barbados Welcome Stamp

Your choice of Barbados long term rentals

Life in Barbados

Download our relocations guide and contact us at 1 (246) 434-9000 or E: info@barbadoswelcomestamp.com  if you have any questions. We love to hear from you.

While you patiently await our bespoke long-term rental website with a wide selection of long term rental properties, sign up below to receive new updates!


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It was truly a pleasure to celebrate with our valued clients and friends in an effort to thank them for their continued support. Our Managing Director, Tania Wallace, Leader Residential Property Management – Gina- Lee Johnson, Team Manager – Rashida Lynch and Concierge Manager – Shernelle Brome and other valued members of the team were on hand to mingle with our valued guests.

It goes without saying that our team enjoys a close relationship with our owners and our guests mean the world to us. As a full service vacation rentals company we often share client relationships with our sister company Terra Luxury and their team was on hand to mix and mingle as well. Sea Shed provided an excellent venue and our guests had an excellent time.  A delectable selected of Sea Shed fishcakes, Beef Tartare and their signature Margherita Mina Pizzas were available to nibble on.

We’re excited to continue to work with our clients and to support our guests in 2020. We relish any reason to celebrate, spend time and truly extend a heartfelt thank you.



Do you have the travel bug in 2020?

Barbados has been named as one of the 50 best places to visit this year by Travel + Leisure. The magazine reports that in putting this list of destinations together they “hit the books, scouring tourism statistics, scoping out major events, charting new flight routes, and logging hotel debuts.” Getting further insight from their A-List travel advisors, trusted writers, hospitality insiders, and other industry pros, Travel + Leisure was able to secure the scoop on the best vacation spots for 2020. They’ve got their sights set on Barbados and so should you – add a Barbados holiday to your travel plans for 2020!

Make your travel experience even better by booking with us! Our Concierge Can team can provide you with all the tools you need to create lasting memories. Also, be sure to check out our Specials page for fantastic offers.

View all of our holiday homes here!