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Barbados continues to lead safe initiatives for persons to visit Barbados while mitigating risks. With the introduction of the Caribbean Travel Bubble, Caribbean travellers who present a valid pre-flight negative PCR test will no longer have to quarantine or have further testing done upon arrival in Barbados as of July 17, 2021. This is an excellent opportunity for the Caribbean people to visit their loved ones with less hassle while remaining safe.

The current list of countries that are on the Caribbean Travel Bubble are:

Monitoring and Control Caribbean Travel Bubble

Like Barbados, the countries included on the list have experienced low positive cases. Barbados’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kenneth George is an active stakeholder in the initiative. He has stated that they are measures in place to remove any country that no longer meets the criteria set by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

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Canadians Exempt from Quarantine

As of July 5, 2021, fully vaccinated Canadians who receive a negative COVID-19 test will not have to quarantine upon return to Canada. Non-vaccinated travellers currently have to quarantine for two weeks upon returning to Canada.

Requirements for fully vaccinated Canadians

This is great news for Canadians inbound to Barbados as the protocols for fully vaccinated travellers entering Barbados are similar. Read more on fully vaccinated persons travelling to Barbados

Canada’s vaccination statistics

Canada expects to have enough vaccines delivered for 80 percent of eligible Canadians to be fully vaccinated by the end of July 2021. As of June 09, 2021, 70% of Canadians have had at least one dose.

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Direct Barbados: 1.246.622.4466

Freephone UK: 0800 0885574

Toll Free US/CND: 1 866 404 9600

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Barbados Volcanic Ash Tips

Barbados is currently experiencing a thick plume of volcanic ash resulting from eruptions from the La Soufriere Volcano in the neighboring island of St. Vincent. The ashfall is evident across the island of Barbados and particularly heavy on the West Coast and northern sections of the island and expected to continue for as long as the volcano continues to erupt. Our Property Management team shares some tips to help you protect your property from continued ash fall in Barbados.

Our Property Management team manages over 240+ Barbados rental properties. We have hands-on experience as you can imagine with the high volume of ash in Barbados over the weekend. The following are precautions that you can take if you are currently on the island.

Tips to Prevent your Property from Volcanic Ash

. Keep doors and windows closed to minimize the amount of ash entering your property.

. Persons who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma and eye allergies should be particularly careful to have their medication on hand at all times.

. Limit the use of air-conditioners and clothes dryers to reduce the likelihood of the ash impacting the functionality of systems.

. Persons who need to drive are advised to do so with caution due to reduced visibility at this time and are advised to use lights and the car wiper system if visibility becomes difficult. Also, refrain from using the vehicle’s ventilation system.

. Consider covering or bringing furniture indoors to protect from the ash.

. Protect yourself by using a mask or cloth face covering to provide relief from the ash.

. Ensure that pets are sheltered and have adequate food and water and that their food and water containers are thoroughly washed periodically.

. For those with private pools, if the current ash fall is light, similar to construction dust and the pool filtration system is designed to filer such. You are however advised to shut off the pumps if the ash fall gets significantly worse. Outdoor activity should therefore be minimized, as exposure to ash can be harmful to your health, particularly the respiratory tract. Persons are therefore advised to stay indoors where possible. PS: See our Preventative Maintenance for Pools Tips


Barbados Travel Protocols

About Us – Property Management

Our Property Management practices are governed by The Blue Standards. The aim is to have benchmarks to ensure consistency in the quality of products and services offered to owners and by extension, their guests. We love what we do we are up to the challenge for anything that comes our way. If you have more questions or need clarification on our Property Management service, please contact us. Our team would be pleased to discuss your requirements, so you feel confident in choosing us as your Property Management partner.


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09th April 2021

Dear Friends,

A little good news on the situation in Barbados! Last night the Prime Minister announced further relaxation on restrictions in Barbados that will come into effect 11 April 2021 through April 26. The beach is back! We have yet to receive the final directive but a summary of the changes are as follows:

1. No curfew from Monday to Wednesday.

2. Curfew from 11pm to 5am Thursday to Sunday.

3. Beaches and parks will now be open 5am to 7pm for recreation, with the provision that no picnics, parties or large gatherings will be permitted.

4. Small pleasure craft may resume operation at 50% capacity, but no larger party boats may operate.

5. Watersports operators may resume operations.

6. Bars can open at half capacity, but cinemas and night clubs must remain closed.

7. Gyms are permitted to reopen.

8. Fast food restaurants can resume inside dining with social distancing and strict protocols.

9. Church capacity is now limited to the number that allows for 6-foot distance being maintained between worshippers.

10. Funerals and weddings may now have 100 persons in attendance, however any receptions may only be in the form of meals and no parties at this time.

11. Retail stores and supermarkets will remain closed on Sundays.

With the lifting of restrictions it means your guests can resume the enjoyment of the majority of what the island has to offer, provided that protocols are adhered to. Mask wearing in public remains in force.

New Protocol for Entry to Barbados for Vaccinated Persons
While the entry protocol for unvaccinated persons remains as it has been since 3 February 2021, effective 8 May 2021 a new protocol for vaccinated persons to enter Barbados will be in place. A vaccinated person is defined as a person who in a two-dose regime has received both doses plus 14 days (meaning their second or final dose has to have been given no less than 14 days prior to arrival in Barbados). Such persons will still require a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival, and will be retested on arrival in Barbados. This retest will either be a classic PCR test or a rapid PCR test. Once that test is negative, persons will be free to move around Barbados freely. This means only a 24 to 48 hour quarantine period or even less depending on turnaround time of results.

While it was not announced in detail last night, we participated in a meeting with the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association and it was clarified and recognized that since children under 18 are not presently being vaccinated in most countries, that the protocol that applies to the parents accompanying their children will also apply to their children.

The Ministry of Health will continue to monitor and make adjustments based on the circumstances and the level of vaccination reached in the Barbadian population. For full details as released please check the Barbados Travel Protocols website where we expect the protocol to be released shortly.

COVID-19 Case Update:
This week, for the first time since 31 Dec 2020, the active case count in Barbados has dipped below 100 persons. New cases have mostly been in the single digits for the past week, or largely below 2% positivity rate, which is a significant improvement.

Vaccination Roll Out
This week Barbados received its first tranche of vaccines from the COVAX facility to add an additional 33,000 doses available for the vaccination program. The distribution of these doses will commence this week to add to the over 63,000 persons already having received their first doses. Second doses will also commence distribution later this month.

We will continue to keep you updated on the situation in Barbados and hope that you are all staying safe. We do hope with the improving situation locally, and the potential for a resumption of travel from the UK and Canada in May that we can hopefully look forward to a more positive summer! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Kind regards,

Tania Wallace


Stay in touch, we love to hear from you!

Direct Barbados: 1.246.622.4466

Freephone UK: 0800 0885574

Toll Free US/CND: 1 866 404 9600

Email: [email protected]


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Approved Quarantine villas Barbados

Blue  Sky Luxury is one of the leading Property Management companies in Barbados. Our vacation rentals brand is dedicated to providing our clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions. In a unique and difficult situation worldwide, Barbados has managed its COVID-19 case well. There has been no community spread on the island and most cases are imported.  Although the travel industry has been one of the hardest-hit markets, we are still seeing trends that provide hope for those with holiday homes in Barbados. As a villa owner in Barbados or a perspective in the holiday rentals business, we’ve put together a list of our Top 5 FAQs.  Here’s how the Property Management team at Blue Sky Luxury can help you have your holiday home approved for quarantine.

1. Do you know what the process is for having your holiday home approved for quarantine for you or your guests?

The Barbados Government has a very clear, set process on how this can be achieved. It requires various correspondence with both the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health and most importantly, it requires that a local property management company must be appointed for the home.


2. Do you need help registering your holiday rental home with the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA)?

Following the Tourism Levy Act, all tourist accommodations are required to be registered with the BTPA. Blue Sky Luxury has taken an active stance in providing information to our owners and guiding and ensuring they are compliant with this Act. There is specific information that is needed to complete this registration including providing the Tax Identification Number (TIN) for the property.


3. Do you need help registering your property to obtain your TIN with the Barbados Revenue Authority for Shared Economy Levy?

Any property in Barbados that offers short-term rentals, must charge their guests a shared economy levy which is collected and then subsequently filed and remitted to the BRA. To do this, a TIN must be assigned to the property by submitting the registration in the Tax Administration Management Information System (TAMIS) and providing the necessary documents to the BRA. Blue Sky Luxury offers this service to owners within our portfolio. While some other property management companies may refer owners to an accountant to provide this service, you do not need one for this; once we are appointed as the property manager for the home, we take on this responsibility on behalf of our owners.


4. Do you know that if you own a home and you do not offer it for holiday rental that you can still apply to get the property approved for quarantine for your stay?

Yes! This is possible and once again, there is a very clear, set process on how this can be achieved. For more information, please feel free to contact Blue Sky Luxury at (246) 622-4466 on how we can help as a local property management company must be appointed for the home.


5. Do you know there are other options for security (including technological solutions) other than hiring security guards?

Blue Sky Luxury works in conjunction with a security monitoring firm that offers various security solutions on a temporary, as-needed basis specifically for quarantine purposes. We will arrange for a site visit to determine what will work best for your home. Alternatively, the property can be monitored by a security guard, and Blue Sky Luxury works with reputable companies who offer our owners and guests preferred rates.

There are many positive and beneficial reasons for choosing Blue Sky Luxury to look after your home and knowledge about this process and the time and attention taken to ensure that all goes well during quarantine as we act as the single point of contact about Government-issued protocols for many of our owners and guests, especially as it relates to quarantine. We provide information and guidance on various processes such as transportation from the airport, pre-stocking of groceries/provision of ready-made meals, and in-villa COVID19 testing to name a few.

It is very important to us that we help our owners navigate through these challenging times – and not only from the property maintenance perspective – by keeping them informed at all times so they can make the best decisions about their home and ensure that they and their guests can continue to enjoy their time in Barbados.

Contact us today for more information on what we can do to partner with you to ensure your property is looked after the way you want it to be.

Direct Barbados: 1.246.622.4466

Freephone UK: 0800 0885574

Toll Free US/CND: 1 866 404 9600

Email: [email protected]

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