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We love to share news about Barbados and our other Blue Sky Luxury destinations. Follow our blog and learn about news and special updates on villas and apartments for vacation rental in Barbados and St. Lucia, our newest destination! More fantastic holiday homes and destinations coming to Blue Sky Luxury soon!

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UltraVilla - The Perfect Match!

February 06, 2018 | By UltraVilla

The UltraVilla team was featured in the Food & Travel section of House Home & Garden. In their article “ The Perfect Match” not only do they highlight the newly built beachfront villa in Barbados - Hemingway House; they give valuable insight into the background of UltraVilla.” Read the article here to learn about “the birth of UltraVilla.” The team at Blue Sky Luxury is extremely proud to partner with, and be named as one of UltraVilla’s premier holiday rental destinations in Barbados!

Ultravilla - Winter Escapes to Suit Your Personality

December 08, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Getting away for a winter holiday escape is an exciting prospect, but where do you want to go? What suits your personality? The team at UltraVilla compiled a list of six unique villa holidays to help you answer this question! As per the experts, some may desire to “commune with nature, while others nothing more than to clank glasses of champagne with friends.” Our luxury villa Sugar Hill-Illusion makes the list and is guaranteed to exceed your luxury holiday expectations! Read the UltraVilla article here

Best Romantic Getaways for this winter

December 08, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Winter is coming…this popular Game of Thrones refrain couldn’t be more true as December heralds the coming of icy weather. If you’ve timed your annual holiday just right you can take advantage of a romantic getaway to escape the white walkers, who, this year will be the colleagues you’ve left behind! Featured in the “Best Romantic Getaways for this winter” The article entices prospective duos with a romantic plunge pool, warm sandy beaches and perfect privacy for two. Read the article here to see why you’ll want to cosy up at Leamington Cottage in Barbados.

Spectacular Sunny Winter Vacation Villas

December 08, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Nelson Gay, Barbados heads up the list of “Spectacular Sunny Winter Vacation Villas” This stately beachfront villa is a historical delight and is described by the team at UltraVilla as it’s “elegance is apparent in its Palladian grandeur and 14-foot ceilings in the living room. Sitting between the house and the beach, the fabulous 50-foot pool is a definite high point.” Read the article here for inspiration on your winter getaway!

UltraVilla - How we started: Blue Sky Luxury

October 11, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Our team could not have been more excited to be featured with UltraVilla! We love what we do here at Blue Sky Luxury and our Chief Executive Andrew Mallalieu, alongside Leader-Holiday Home Rentals Kathy-Dawn Burke are passionate about our clients, owners and our brand. How long has our team been crafting excellence? “One hundred. This is the combined years of experience, professionalism and luxury that has melded together to create the ultimate holiday rentals team.” If you’re keen to read our tale of “Blue Skies and Luxury” read more here from the experts at UltraVilla.

Gorgeous Recently Renovated Villas, Castles & Haciendas

September 19, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Blue Sky Luxury managed Villa ‘High Breeze’ was recently given a stunning makeover. The experts at UltraVilla mentioned this luxury holiday rental in the article “Gorgeous Recently Renovated Villas, Castles & Haciendas.” Some of the renovations included a “brand new chef’s kitchen, a state-of-the-art gym under the pool with amazing unobstructed coastal views, an office-loft in the living room and a gorgeous dining pavilion located in the tropical garden with views of the coast.” Read the full article here.

UltraVilla - A Guide to Our Favourite Caribbean Islands

September 19, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Barbados remains one of the most popular Caribbean destinations to visit.  This picturesque island been named by UltraVilla as one of their “favourite Caribbean Islands.” Barbados is mentioned alongside The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and Anguilla – just to name a few. If it’s not enough that superstar singing sensation Rihanna was born here, maybe the lure of “lounging on gorgeous beaches, hitting the waves surf board in hand, or sipping some of the island’s delicious rum on a terrace overlooking the sea.” will do the trick! Read more of the article here.

UltraVilla - Five Beautiful Villas with Dream Kitchens

September 19, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Maybe you’re a foodie, or maybe, you just love a gorgeous kitchen that’s worthy of Chef Gordon Ramsay himself! Either way, the Blue Sky Luxury portfolio of holiday homes can feed either desire. Read their article “Five Beautiful Villas with Dream Kitchens” and see why luxury ‘Eden,’ nestled in the exclusive Sugar Hill community in Barbados makes this world class list.

UltraVilla - 10 Exquisite Villas to Book Now for Fall!

September 18, 2017 | By UltraVilla

We’re so excited about the fall season and our luxury partners are too! Read their article “10 Exquisite Villas to Book Now for Fall” Our luxury beachfront villa Gardenia tops the luxury list and yes, it is absolutely exquisite! As per Ultra Villa “the Villa Gardenia is an ideal base for taking in the excitement of the season in Barbados while having a sumptuous beach retreat.” Their insightful article also mentions several exciting Wellness Festivals happening on island. Read the article here and take a peek at our blog here to learn more about these amazing festivals. 

Best Villas for Special Occasions

May 05, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Luxury villa Crystal Springs received the UltraVilla seal of approval as one of the best villas for special occasions! This Barbados holiday home, managed by Blue Sky Luxury - The Holiday Home Experts, has been included in the list of  “memorable and unique villas.”

Blue Sky Luxury partners with UltraVilla!

April 07, 2017 | By UltraVilla


Blue Sky Luxury is proud to announce its affiliation with UltraVilla – the exclusive directory for best-in-class holiday home rentals worldwide. Our exclusive brand was personally invited to join this elite group of global partners. To learn a bit more, read our feature here on the UltraVilla website. 

Villas with Ultra-Zen Yoga Terraces

March 30, 2017 | By UltraVilla


From Mexico to Greece, Our Blue Sky Luxury managed villa  ‘The Dream’ made UltraVilla’s list of ‘Villas with Ultra-Zen Yoga TerracesThis stunning 5-bedroom beachfront villa made the cut and is definitely the place for all yoga and aspiring yoga buffs! Read the article here, to see how this holiday villa made it on the list and get the inside scoop from the experts at UltraVilla themselves!

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