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Get Ready for Barbados Sailing Week!

January 11, 2019 | By Blue Sky Luxury


Video compliments Barbados Sailing Week.


Barbados Sailing Week takes place from January 16th to 24th, 2019! And our team is SO excited. From coastal races to the round the island race...we're looking forward to seeing who wins their weight in Mount Gay Extra Old Rum!

Women's Health - 11 Bucket List Runs!

February 13, 2018 | By Women's Health
Crystal Springs, Barbados

Women’s Health provides our fitness buffs with “11 bucket list runs to conquer in your lifetime” and, they also recommend the perfect place to stay in Barbados – luxury beachfront villa Crystal Springs! As per the mag “be sure to experience the magic of Bajan culture and rest your tired feet at the picturesque Crystal Springs” The Barbados Marathon takes place in December 2018 and is perfect for anyone. Plan ahead to achieve all your 2018 Bucket List goals…and oh yes, stay at a private luxury villa too! Read the article here.

UltraVilla - The Perfect Match!

February 06, 2018 | By UltraVilla

The UltraVilla team was featured in the Food & Travel section of House Home & Garden. In their article “ The Perfect Match” not only do they highlight the newly built beachfront villa in Barbados - Hemingway House; they give valuable insight into the background of UltraVilla.” Read the article here to learn about “the birth of UltraVilla.” The team at Blue Sky Luxury is extremely proud to partner with, and be named as one of UltraVilla’s premier holiday rental destinations in Barbados!

Zing Magazine - The Magic of Merlin Bay

January 17, 2018 | By Zing Magazine

Nutmeg, a well-appointed three-bedroom beachfront villa in Barbados created a buzz in the ever-popular Zing Magazine.  The mag featured a full-page article on the two-storey villa and offered insight for both holiday makers or those looking for a second home in the sun! Set in the beachfront Merlin Bay community on the West Coast, Zing describes this fabulous villa as having “ a bold character and is an unforgettable experience that lingers in residents’ memories.” Read the full article on page 32.

Travel Magazine - Five Reasons to Visit Barbados

January 17, 2018 | By Travel Magazine

It’s January, the prime time where everyone is either booking their vacations for the year or just trying to escape the freezing weather! Whether you need a reason or not Travel Magazine has provided eager island hoppers with five reasons to visit Barbados! Our Blue Sky Luxury managed Hemingway House makes one of their top five! This newly built beachfront villa features a lagoon pool, waterside dining gazebo and as per Travel “it’s like your own four-bedroom boutique hotel.” Read the full article here.

Ultravilla - Winter Escapes to Suit Your Personality

December 08, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Getting away for a winter holiday escape is an exciting prospect, but where do you want to go? What suits your personality? The team at UltraVilla compiled a list of six unique villa holidays to help you answer this question! As per the experts, some may desire to “commune with nature, while others nothing more than to clank glasses of champagne with friends.” Our luxury villa Sugar Hill-Illusion makes the list and is guaranteed to exceed your luxury holiday expectations! Read the UltraVilla article here

Best Romantic Getaways for this winter

December 08, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Winter is coming…this popular Game of Thrones refrain couldn’t be more true as December heralds the coming of icy weather. If you’ve timed your annual holiday just right you can take advantage of a romantic getaway to escape the white walkers, who, this year will be the colleagues you’ve left behind! Featured in the “Best Romantic Getaways for this winter” The article entices prospective duos with a romantic plunge pool, warm sandy beaches and perfect privacy for two. Read the article here to see why you’ll want to cosy up at Leamington Cottage in Barbados.

Spectacular Sunny Winter Vacation Villas

December 08, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Nelson Gay, Barbados heads up the list of “Spectacular Sunny Winter Vacation Villas” This stately beachfront villa is a historical delight and is described by the team at UltraVilla as it’s “elegance is apparent in its Palladian grandeur and 14-foot ceilings in the living room. Sitting between the house and the beach, the fabulous 50-foot pool is a definite high point.” Read the article here for inspiration on your winter getaway!

UltraVilla - How we started: Blue Sky Luxury

October 11, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Our team could not have been more excited to be featured with UltraVilla! We love what we do here at Blue Sky Luxury and our Chief Executive Andrew Mallalieu, alongside Leader-Holiday Home Rentals Kathy-Dawn Burke are passionate about our clients, owners and our brand. How long has our team been crafting excellence? “One hundred. This is the combined years of experience, professionalism and luxury that has melded together to create the ultimate holiday rentals team.” If you’re keen to read our tale of “Blue Skies and Luxury” read more here from the experts at UltraVilla.

Gorgeous Recently Renovated Villas, Castles & Haciendas

September 19, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Blue Sky Luxury managed Villa ‘High Breeze’ was recently given a stunning makeover. The experts at UltraVilla mentioned this luxury holiday rental in the article “Gorgeous Recently Renovated Villas, Castles & Haciendas.” Some of the renovations included a “brand new chef’s kitchen, a state-of-the-art gym under the pool with amazing unobstructed coastal views, an office-loft in the living room and a gorgeous dining pavilion located in the tropical garden with views of the coast.” Read the full article here.

UltraVilla - A Guide to Our Favourite Caribbean Islands

September 19, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Barbados remains one of the most popular Caribbean destinations to visit.  This picturesque island been named by UltraVilla as one of their “favourite Caribbean Islands.” Barbados is mentioned alongside The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and Anguilla – just to name a few. If it’s not enough that superstar singing sensation Rihanna was born here, maybe the lure of “lounging on gorgeous beaches, hitting the waves surf board in hand, or sipping some of the island’s delicious rum on a terrace overlooking the sea.” will do the trick! Read more of the article here.

UltraVilla - Five Beautiful Villas with Dream Kitchens

September 19, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Maybe you’re a foodie, or maybe, you just love a gorgeous kitchen that’s worthy of Chef Gordon Ramsay himself! Either way, the Blue Sky Luxury portfolio of holiday homes can feed either desire. Read their article “Five Beautiful Villas with Dream Kitchens” and see why luxury ‘Eden,’ nestled in the exclusive Sugar Hill community in Barbados makes this world class list.

UltraVilla - 10 Exquisite Villas to Book Now for Fall!

September 18, 2017 | By UltraVilla

We’re so excited about the fall season and our luxury partners are too! Read their article “10 Exquisite Villas to Book Now for Fall” Our luxury beachfront villa Gardenia tops the luxury list and yes, it is absolutely exquisite! As per Ultra Villa “the Villa Gardenia is an ideal base for taking in the excitement of the season in Barbados while having a sumptuous beach retreat.” Their insightful article also mentions several exciting Wellness Festivals happening on island. Read the article here and take a peek at our blog here to learn more about these amazing festivals. 

Boat International - A Caribbean Cocktail

September 18, 2017 | By Boat International

If you’ve been to Barbados before, and you haven’t stayed at a luxury villa, then let Boat International show you what a true luxury holiday with the Blue Sky Luxury experience entails. Their article ’A Caribbean cocktail: experiencing the superyacht lifestyle in Barbados.’ By experienced writer Elizabeth Finney delves in a truly luxury experience at flagship villa Crystal Springs. Click here to read more if you’re interested in a luxe lifestyle of  “first light yoga sessions, golden rays glancing off silk-like waves and cantering around on Furia, a sleek chestnut beauty.”

Air Partner - Most Charming Places to Stay

September 15, 2017 | By Air Partner
Click on the image to read full article

The villas at Blue Sky Luxury were listed as “one of the most charming places to stay this summer” This exclusive feature was written by Air Partner, the leading private aviation company. From New York to Ibiza, the Blue Sky Luxury brand stands out and offers a portfolio of 120-best in class villas. Air Partner recommends, “For those who want to experience a snapshot of Barbadian culture – private tours of galleries, meetings with local historians or trips to the beautiful rum distillery St Nicholas Abbey can also be arranged.” Read more here.

Red Magazine - Nelson Gay - Easy Holiday Living!

September 01, 2017 | By Beverley Croucher, Red Magazine
Nelson Gay Villa, Barbados

Read our personal guest experience from Beverley Croucher on her stay at luxury villa Nelson Gay, Barbados. This is Beverley’s second visit with her twins Tom and Kitty, and she absolutely adores this fully staffed beachfront villa! "The feature titled ‘Easy Living’ mentions how Nelson Gay is made out of local coral stone, how the house has five double bedrooms with ‘The biggest beds I’ve ever seen’ and how the dining room is full of Murano Crystal Baccarat glass." Not only was she impressed by the Palladian style home itself, the convenience of the off-site concierge service helped her to book taxis, restaurants and “even arranged for me to have a massage under the gazebo in the garden.” Click here to read about Beverley’s magical Barbados holiday!

Boat International September 2017

August 21, 2017 | By Blue Sky Luxury
Blue Sky Luxury's Greensleeves & Boat International

Blue Sky Luxury is proud to be part of the Boat International September 2017 publication. Our very own Greensleeves has a featured piece in their travel news section featuring the latest must have accessories, and top travel tips.


Tis The Sea-Sun Looking for the ultimate Christmas party destination? One of Barbados’s most exclusive private villas, Greensleeves, is available to rent for the first time over the festive period. With accommodation for 30 guests, 16 acres, two pools, white sand beaches and staff including a private chef, it’s the complete party package.

One of the Best Caribbean Beaches

August 09, 2017 | By Boat International

Boat International highlights our stunning Crystal Springs Villa and it's magical cove beach in their feature on 10 of the Best Beaches to visit in the Caribbean.

The Best Activities in Barbados

July 25, 2017 | By Blue Sky Luxury

There are an endless number of activities to choose from during your Barbados holiday.

Your Bucket List in One Holiday

July 25, 2017 | By Blue Sky Luxury

If you are looking for that perfect holiday filled with adventure and relaxation then Barbados should be at the top of your list. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of the ocean from a luxurious catamaran cruise or choose to go the more adventurous route and take windsurfing lessons.

Barbados: The Ultimate Holiday Spot

July 18, 2017 | By Blue Sky Luxury

Barbados is the ultimate holiday spot for any vacationer. Whether you want to relax on a beach all day or stay busy with exciting activities, the island has it all.

Crystal Springs: The Crème de la Crème

July 11, 2017 | By Blue Sky Luxury

Crystal Springs villa truly is one of the most exquisite on the island of Barbados. According to the July edition of the Mayfair Times, “Crystal Springs is the Grace Kelly of Blue Sky Luxury’s vast collection of homes”.

Crystal Springs: The Best Sunset Spot

June 20, 2017 | By Blue Sky Luxury

Sunset is one of the most peaceful, tranquil and beautiful times of day. Watching the sky light up in various shades of pink, orange, red and purple is a sight to behold and the Caribbean, particularly Barbados, has some of the most stunning spots to enjoy this magical time of day.

Terrace Full Of Sunshine

May 30, 2017 | By Ultra Villa


There is no question about it, Barbados is one of the best places to lounge by the pool and enjoy the sunshine and our experts at Blue Sky Luxury have the perfect villa to do so.

Perfect Family Holiday

May 16, 2017 | By Blue Sky Luxury

Looking to escape to the beautiful island of Barbados with your family this summer? According to UltraVilla, "experts at Blue Sky Luxury are making it exceptionally alluring for family holidays". Blue Sky Luxury offers a variety of family friendly villas along with their "Hello Family Holiday...Kids Play Free" promotion, which allows kids to enjoy complementary island activities.


Holiday Destination for Foodies

May 16, 2017 | By Blue Sky Luxury


Barbados is the perfect holiday destination for combining relaxation and dining. Whether you are looking for the perfect venue for a special meal or the absolutely freshest fish ULTRA VILLAS recommends contacting our team at Blue Sky Luxury for recommendations.  

Best Villas for Special Occasions

May 05, 2017 | By UltraVilla

Luxury villa Crystal Springs received the UltraVilla seal of approval as one of the best villas for special occasions! This Barbados holiday home, managed by Blue Sky Luxury - The Holiday Home Experts, has been included in the list of  “memorable and unique villas.”

Blue Sky Luxury partners with UltraVilla!

April 07, 2017 | By UltraVilla


Blue Sky Luxury is proud to announce its affiliation with UltraVilla – the exclusive directory for best-in-class holiday home rentals worldwide. Our exclusive brand was personally invited to join this elite group of global partners. To learn a bit more, read our feature here on the UltraVilla website. 

Tatler puts Blue Sky Luxury on speed dial!

April 06, 2017 | By Tatler


The Tatler sure has fine tastes! This exclusive mag lists Blue Sky Luxury – The Holiday Home Experts as one of “ the people with the pick of the poshest pads out there!” We heartily agree and invite you to read the Page 2 article here.

Travelling this Spring? Visit Barbados!

April 05, 2017 | By Arion McNicoll - The Week

The Week recommends “the 15 most sumptuous places to travel this spring!” Gardenia, one of Blue Sky Luxury’s flagship villas in Barbados makes the list. This luxury holiday home host up to 12 guests and is fully staffed.

Villas with Ultra-Zen Yoga Terraces

March 30, 2017 | By UltraVilla


From Mexico to Greece, Our Blue Sky Luxury managed villa  ‘The Dream’ made UltraVilla’s list of ‘Villas with Ultra-Zen Yoga TerracesThis stunning 5-bedroom beachfront villa made the cut and is definitely the place for all yoga and aspiring yoga buffs! Read the article here, to see how this holiday villa made it on the list and get the inside scoop from the experts at UltraVilla themselves!

How To Vacation Like A Multi-Millionaire - On A Budget

March 29, 2017 | By Peter Layne Taylor, Forbes



Forbes contributor Peter Lane Taylor tells us how to “Vacation Like A Multi-Millionaire - On A Budget” Take a look at the excerpt below from his article, see why it’s a must read and take a sneak peek at our luxury holiday rental: Crystal Springs.



Mahogany Bay makes The Week's Valentine's List!

March 28, 2017 | By The Week


The Week take us back to Valentine’s Day with an amazing feature of the ever popular Mahogany Bay. Their article gives great advise on the best last minute holidays. The Week take us back to Valentine’s Day with an amazing feature of the ever popular Mahogany Bay.

International Property & Travel features it's Top Six Barbados Properties

March 28, 2017 | By International Property & Travel

International Property & Travel featured “Six Stunning Properties Available in the Beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados” which included luxury properties Gardenia and Greensleeves.

Enjoy Low Season Rates in Barbados this Easter!

March 28, 2017 | By Sharon Reid, The Week

Mi Business Mag is a publication content based website documenting real life experiences from a diverse pool of business people. It features travel, lifestyle, food, luxury and interviews. Blue Sky Luxury was fortunate to be featured in their article “Enjoy Low Season Rates in Barbados this Easter” which showcased some of our gorgeous holiday rental villas!

Melan Mag features Mahogany Bay!

March 14, 2017 | By Melan Mag

Looking for that romantic destination in Barbados? MelanMag featured Mahogany Bay as one of their 'Romantic destinations: all year round!' 5th on their list, Mahogany Bay is absolutely breathtaking and is perfectly positioned on the West Coast, in close proximity to the exclusive Sandy Lane Hotel.

Elite Traveller features Greensleeves!

March 02, 2017 | By Elite Traveller

Elite Traveller recently featured our stunning Flagship villa Greensleeves as one of it’s Top 10 Caribbean Villas! Check out page 3 which highlighted Greensleeves prime beach front location, with direct access to two bays along the Platinum Coast. This nine-bedroom property was highlighted as a haven for children and adults alike.

5 Reasons To Have Your Wedding In Barbados

August 26, 2016 | By Mara Sofferin - HuffPost Living


June 17, 2015 | By Melanie Reffes

Bridelife Issue 5

June 16, 2015 | By Bridelife Magazine

New Benefit Partners

June 12, 2015 | By Corey Payne

Winter Soirees

June 11, 2015 | By Blue Sky Luxury

The Blue Card Launch

June 11, 2015 | By Corey Payne

Star Staff

June 11, 2015 | By Corey Payne

Limitless Possibilities Under the Blue Sky

April 02, 2015 | By Dominique Silvera

Limiteless Possibilites Under the Blue Sky ..........

The Art of Designing your Caribbean Villa Destination Wedding

December 04, 2014 | By Bridelife Magazine

50 Best Villas in the Caribbean

November 15, 2014 | By Tom Chesshyre


8 things to do in Barbados-Holiday Ideas-Good Housekeeping

October 30, 2014 | By Terry Tavner

Wedding Villas - More than Just a Venue!

October 07, 2014 | By Bridelife Magazine

10 Things to Love about Staying in a Caribbean Villa

September 23, 2014 | By Sarah Greaves Gabbadon

Caribbean Journal

September 16, 2014 | By Sarah Greaves Gabbadon

The Romance of a Villa Wedding/ Honeymoon

September 02, 2014 | By Bridelife Magazine

CTO Caribbean Guide 2015

September 01, 2014 | By Caribbean Tourism Organization



Blue Sky Luxury offers VIPs Chance to Preview a wedding Villa in Barbados

August 13, 2014 | By News Wire

Elite Traveler Hotels Resorts and Spas 2014/15

August 01, 2014 | By Dominique Silvera

Blue Sky Luxury in the Elite Traveler Hotes Resorts and Spas 2014/15 Edition

Taste the Caribbean Wth Barbados Chefs

June 06, 2014 | By Joanna Fantozzi

Blue Sky Luxury brings Bajan Food to Caribbean Week

May 31, 2014 | By Caribbean Bride

Check us out in . Taking NYC by Culinary storm.

Blue Sky Expansion

April 28, 2014 | By Baxter Travel Media

Blue Sky Luxury adds Villas in St.Martin

April 18, 2014 | By Gay Nagle Myers

Only Blue Sky in the Caribbean

April 10, 2014 | By Doug Gollan

Out of the Blue

April 10, 2014 | By Carlie Ester

A Place in the Sun. Selling the Caribbean

April 01, 2014 | By Melanie Reffes

Happily Ever After in the Caribbean

March 03, 2014 | By Melanie Reffes

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