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We love to share news about Barbados and our other Blue Sky Luxury destinations. Follow our blog and learn about news and special updates on villas and apartments for vacation rental in Barbados and St. Lucia, our newest destination! More fantastic holiday homes and destinations coming to Blue Sky Luxury soon!

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Monthly Archive for Jan, 2018

Savoury St. James

January 30, 2018 | By Blue Sky Luxury

Lobster at Daphnes

The story of beachside fine dining is best told on Barbados flamboyant west coast. Its amazing culinary offering, plus the unique but lavish presentations have defined it as a place where every palate finds its food soulmate.

The Mild Mild West

January 24, 2018 | By Blue Sky Luxury






St. James is one of the smallest parishes in Barbados; however, immense significance and character precede it. Known as the place where British boots first touched Barbados’ soil, St. James was one of the first six parish names to be included on the early map renders of the island. But with all due respect to this historic importance, St. James has evolved into a crèche of luxury, musings and island posh, where even Mother Nature seems to tend her kin with an extra refinement and pomp.

Zing Magazine - The Magic of Merlin Bay

January 17, 2018 | By Zing Magazine

Nutmeg, a well-appointed three-bedroom beachfront villa in Barbados created a buzz in the ever-popular Zing Magazine.  The mag featured a full-page article on the two-storey villa and offered insight for both holiday makers or those looking for a second home in the sun! Set in the beachfront Merlin Bay community on the West Coast, Zing describes this fabulous villa as having “ a bold character and is an unforgettable experience that lingers in residents’ memories.” Read the full article on page 32.

Travel Magazine - Five Reasons to Visit Barbados

January 17, 2018 | By Travel Magazine

It’s January, the prime time where everyone is either booking their vacations for the year or just trying to escape the freezing weather! Whether you need a reason or not Travel Magazine has provided eager island hoppers with five reasons to visit Barbados! Our Blue Sky Luxury managed Hemingway House makes one of their top five! This newly built beachfront villa features a lagoon pool, waterside dining gazebo and as per Travel “it’s like your own four-bedroom boutique hotel.” Read the full article here.

The Northern Stars in Barbados

January 03, 2018 | By Blue Sky Luxury

St. Nicholas Abbey Barbados

On the map of Barbados, the tippy-top point features a star cast of places of interest. And, although they may be counted on one hand, these places are delightful and unexpected journeys into a rich, colourful culture and unspoilt, natural heritage.

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