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Blue Sky Luxury provides everything you need to enjoy an exceptional holiday experience. With a selection of over 130 of the finest holiday homes in Barbados you are guaranteed a vacation like none other. We offer a wide range of 'best in class' vacation homes ranging from luxurious oceanfront villas to charming and relaxed beachfront apartments. We are extremely knowledgeable about Barbados and committed to helping you find the perfect holiday home that caters to your every need. Leave the details to us- our dedicated team of experts will help you design the Barbados holiday you’ve always wanted.


Blue Sky Luxury has been renting villas and holiday homes in Barbados for over 40 years (previously under the Bajan Services brand). We manage the majority of our properties ourselves for the most seamless guest experience; while a very few are handled by an approved independent property manager; this ensures we have confidence in the quality of both the accommodation and the staff.

Barbados does not have an accredited guarantee scheme like the UK's ATOL or ABTA schemes. However, please feel free to check the official Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. website www.visitbarbados.org where you will be able to see Blue Sky Luxury listed as an accommodation provider. Alternatively, you may contact them for verification of our credentials and expertise.

Blue Sky Luxury is a member of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association - Barbados' not-for-profit private sector trade association that represents tourism and associated entities and is the official interface between the industry and government. The BHTA will also be able to provide a reference if necessary. By extension of our BHTA membership, we are also members of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA).

Blue Sky Luxury has been accepted as a member of the Vacation Rental Management Association (vrma.com); and a specially invited member of Ultra Villa the world's first independent global rental directory, bringing together the most exclusive villas, private houses, apartments, castles, lodges, ski chalets, & private islands. 


Meet The Barbados Team!

Reservations Specialists - Your Barbados Holiday Home Experts

Reservations Specialist Shonnell SpringerShonnell Springer, Reservation Specialist
"Barbados is the best kept secret of the Caribbean"

There's no place like Barbados for Shonnell. Talk to her for one minute about beautiful Barbados and you will quickly discover how much she adores living here. Shonnell has worked in the tourism industry for close to 20 years and is always excited about sharing the Caribbean's best-kept secret, Barbados, with everyone she encounters. "It's just beautiful, the people are beautiful, the culture is sweet… the music is energizing." Her love for her country spurs her desire to ensure each visitor has an amazing holiday experience. She has been with Blue Sky Luxury since 2003 helping guests discover their perfect holiday accommodation. Shonnell is fun, full of life and simply a joy to be around. She enjoys travelling, spending quality time with her family and she absolutely LOVES her job.


Reservations Specialist Asha GriffithAsha Griffith, Reservation Specialist
"The food here is great!"

Asha knows the Blue Sky Luxury portfolio like the back of her hand. If you're looking for a holiday home that fits your style perfectly, Asha is the person you need to talk to. Tell her your budget, list all the attributes you are looking for and she will put together a comprehensive list of best matched holiday homes for you to choose from. To Asha getting the right fit for the perfect vacation is extremely important. She always enjoys interacting with guests and learning about their various cultures and backgrounds and will provide you with exceptional personal service. Asha has worked with Blue Sky Luxury for over 13 years and delights in telling visitors about Barbados' crystal clear blue waters and delicious cuisine. Asha is an avid church-goer and loves going to the movies and spending time with her young family.


Reservations Specialist Charmaine GillCharmaine Gill, Reservation Specialist
"The island is just beautiful"

It is a joy for Charmaine to get up in the morning and head to work. She has been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, the last 2 of which have been spent with Blue Sky Luxury. Matching the right guest to the right accommodation is paramount to Charmaine. No two days are ever the same and that's what she really loves about her job. "The people make the job interesting!" she's often heard saying. To her, the beauty of Barbados is something to be shared with the world and Blue Sky Luxury's portfolio of holiday homes provides a great vehicle to help her do so. "You can get anything from an affordable beachfront casual apartment with great staff to a luxury villa where all your needs are cared for." Charmaine enjoys reading as well as craft and jewellery-making. Many a Blue Sky Luxury staff can be caught wearing her gorgeous pieces.


Reservations Specialist Sandra De SilvaSandra De Silva, Reservation Specialist
"Barbados is quite relaxed"

Barbados doesn't give you that rushed feeling that big cities can. The calming nature of the island is one of Barbados' best qualities and one of the attributes most admired by Sandra. "There's lot to do here but everything can be done in a very relaxed way." Sandra has been with Blue Sky Luxury for 12 years and each day looks forward to something new with her job. She loves engaging with the different personalities and cultures she encounters while working. "Everyone has different needs; the properties don't change but the clients do and it's great helping each guest to find the perfect holiday home." Sandra enjoys watching the beautiful sunsets that Barbados offers and can often be found out on the beach in the evening with her family.


Reservations Specialist Wendy MaritschWendy Maritsch, Reservation Specialist
"Barbados is a warm paradise"

From the time you set foot on this island, the warm weather meets you, the warm smiles greet you and the beauty of the country is like no other. This is a secret that Wendy just can't keep and she looks forward to enticing visitors – old and new, to experience the joy of vacationing here, and returning year after year. "Matching guests with the most suitable Holiday Rental property on the coast of their choice" is what she aims for. Wendy loves to visit the Animal Flower Cave at North Point, St. Lucy and watch the spectacular views of the coast of Barbados where the large Atlantic waves crash against the cliffs.


Concierge - Your Holiday Planners

Concierge Co-ordinatorShain Clarke, Concierge Co-ordinator
"What's special about Barbados? Everything we live in paradise!"

When I think about Barbados the first thing that comes to mind is adventure & romance. From the large swells of the Atlantic in the north to the calm cerulean waters that await on the west, Barbados is undeniably one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. There are many hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered by you.

Imagine sailing along the coast relaxing on board a luxurious catamaran, being served the finest cuisine while watching the sunset with your significant other; "I wish I could do it every day". Alternatively for braver souls I invite you to embark on a trip up north to take a dip in the islands largest rock formation pool. This place is a natural wonder chiseled by crashing waves thousands of years ago, which have formed a deep chamber in the cliffs creating a gaping hole in the ceiling and is affectionately known as the Animal Flower Cave. This location also offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean making it the perfect location to capture some amazing photo's.

Must do Activities - Shain recommends:

  1. Embrace our culture and visit the home of the oldest rum in the world. The Mount Gay Rum & Food Paring tour is a must!
  2. There are only two places in the world where a submarine night dive can be experienced and Barbados is one. The colours of the reef are extremely beautiful at night
  3. Deep sea fishing & lobster diving - catch your dinner and have a chef prepare it on the board or back at your villa


Guest Services Co-ordinator Stacey StouteStacey Stoute, Guest Services Co-ordinator
"Barbados has the most genuine, friendly people in the world and that makes us awesome!"

I have been in the hospitality for over fifteen years and Blue Sky has helped to renew my passion for the industry. I love working at Blue Sky because of the great teamwork and the wonderful people I get to interact with from all over the world. It's the perfect fit for me as there is never a dull moment.


Must do Activities - Stacey recommends:

  1. Hike along the East Coast -  Exploring this rugged terrain from the highest point on the island, you can't help but exclaim how beautiful Barbados truly is

  2. A sunset catamaran cruise - Just watching the sunset while you cruise along the West Coast of the island, sipping your favourite wine with loved ones, is pretty close to heaven

  3. Explore Harrison's Cave - There is no place on earth like it. The beauty of the cave does not disappoint, you feel a sense of awe each and every time you visit


Guest Relations - Your Holiday Service Specialists

Guest Relations Co-ordinator Julie BoyceJulie Boyce, Guest Relations Co-ordinator
"Barbados has so much to offer all year round; it caters to everybody"
Julie's bright smile, keen eye for detail and knack for introducing "all things Barbadiana" endears her to all of our guests. "It always gives me pleasure to get their response to something special I've shared about our island. It could be anything from the first taste of our cuisine (how about Breadfruit & Spiced Cod Fritters with Mango Chutney?) to their amazement at the beauty of a landmark, like the marvellous views from Cherry Tree Hill." More than 18 years of training and experience in the tourism industry, including managing front-of-house and reservations, makes her the right match for dealing with visitors. Julie also enjoys the ability to provide customized bespoke offerings, which set Blue Sky Luxury apart from a hotel experience. When she's not expertly handling guests' needs, Julie winds down by reading, cooking and relaxing at some scenic spot with family and friends.

Must do Activities - Julie recommends:

  1. A catamaran cruise by day or night
  2. An adventurous 4X4 jeep safari
  3. A deep sea fishing trip (eat your fresh catch for lunch or dinner)


Guest Relations Co-ordinator Emma LordeEmma Lorde, Guest Relations Co-ordinator
"Barbados has a distinctive charm and is a world class island destination. Barbados has endless beaches, luxury resorts and fun nightspots."

Barbados is my home and not difficult to describe! Barbados with its pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and wall-to-wall sunshine! Barbados is ideal for those wishing to spend a lazy, relaxing break sunbathing and swimming. I love swimming with the turtles. There are places around the West Coast where the hawksbill turtles frequent knowing they can be fed. Jumping from a catamaran and snorkeling with them is great! Their serene and wise demeanor has a therapeutic effect. Who needs dolphins?

One of our island's greatest exports is, of course, rum and no trip to Barbados would be complete without a tour of the Mount Gay distillery. Take a tour of the oldest rum producer in the world – around since 1703 is a must! The tour is interesting and you get to sample the different rums and enjoy a good Bajan buffet. There is no doubt Barbados can offer all you want in terms of luxury and paradise in a vacation.

Must do Activities - Emma recommends:

  1. A catamaran cruise
  2. Oistins - A great fish fry!
  3. An island safari


Guest Relations Co-ordinator Andrea PrescodAndrea Prescod, Guest Relations Co-ordinator
"Barbados is a tropical paradise 'Gem of the Caribbean', my utopia."

Enjoy the ultimate travel experience in Barbados with activities for the entire family. The warmth and friendliness of the local people, who will happily indulge you with stories of our history, local culture and mouthwatering foods. Create everlasting memories that will keep you coming back. Year round sunshine and liquid sunshine with star studded night skies for the perfect romantic getaway and picturesque moments. "Home sweet home, there's no place I'd rather be."


Must do Activities - Andrea recommends:

  1. Private island tour with your personal driver who will ensure you spend the day exploring the island
  2. Enjoy a day cruising along the breathtaking West/South Coast of the island with the option to snorkel with the turtles and swim with the tropical fish in our crystal clear waters
  3. Experience local culture - Crop Over the 'worlds sweetest festival' great music food drink drinks and nonstop partying for all

The Blue Sky Experience

We are experts in holiday homes. Tell us your desires and we’ll make them come true. Sit back, relax and let us take you on an amazing journey to Barbados, where we have our roots or to one of our newest Caribbean destinations. Our friendly local staff know all the ins-and-outs of this island and will create an unforgettable holiday experience for you. Each holiday is carefully and individually crafted to fit your desires and focus on creating remarkable moments. Blue Sky Luxury is your one stop destination for a seamless and enchanting island holiday. Let us help you to find your perfect holiday home today!


Over 30 years ago Sam Mahon started Bajan Services Limited slowly building the company into one of the most recognized names in luxury real estate and holiday rentals in Barbados. In 1963 Sam’s dad, Gus Mahon, began managing holiday homes on the West Coast as when many overseas owners wintered in Barbados and closed their villas for the summer months they left him in charge. Sam built on the foundation his father created developing Bajan Services Limited into a highly respected company known for its quality portfolio and commitment to the highest standards of customer service.      

In April 2008, Terra Caribbean, a leading real estate firm in Barbados specializing in residential and commercial real estate as well as property management and valuations, purchased Bajan Services Limited (BSL). In 2012, the holiday rental component of Bajan Services Limited was rebranded and launched as Blue Sky Luxury. Blue Sky Luxury has an impressive portfolio of quality holiday homes and a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff passionate about delivering a best in class holiday experience for all guests. Always friendly and fun-loving employees make guests feel welcomed, well cared for and appreciated.

To view our wide selection of holiday villas and apartments you can start your seach here; and for real estate services you can also browse our Terra Luxury Knight Frank website or visit Terra Caribbean.

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